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Please be conscious that nobody can request you to sign for exclusivity. A typical NHS contract always defines employer, placement, job description and salary package. Please contact us if in doubt.

One of the major difficulties faced by European GPs interested in working in the UK is the complexity and uncertainty of administrative procedures with which they have to comply.

Verumed offer s NHS Salaried GP positions within 3-5 months of your application, subject to your ability to pass Academic International  English Language Testing (IELTS) at the required score of 7,5 or higher.

Verumed will lead you through a structured step-by-step process from GMC application to your NHS GP role through a single point of contact. Your appointed expert will help you advise you how to negotiate the various registration tasks and process, offering comprehensive, understandable and easily available guidance.

We have 8 years’ experience working with European Family Doctors, and we aspire to lead you to a desired NHS GP position efficiently, transparently and courteously.

Verumed will co-ordinate the following processes:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) layout and essential inclusions
  • General Medical Council (GMC) Registration and all documentation needed
  • UK Occupational Health Clearance
  • Medical Indemnity Insurance
  • Interview arrangements
  • References
  • Application for inclusion on National Medical Performers List (NMPL) and relevant documents needed
  • Self-study portfolio familiarising with the processes of UK General Practice

Verumed will transparently provide information on:

  • IELTS and CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • Timings and deadlines
  • Salary and benefits
  • Destination of the placement
  • Nature of work – Job Description
  • Estimated costs for housing and living
  • Review of employment Terms and Conditions
  • Alternative to NHS GP options

Please upload your CV in a WORD format should you wish to apply for NHS GP position or inquire about future options.