Hospital Doctor jobs

An extra that the UK can offer: international experience enhancing your CV and further career opportunities

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Junior Doctors and Hospital Specialists in pre-approved placement programmes

  • New model of Hospital Specialists’ employment with no NHS experience required and fully paid introduction in the UK Hospitals!
  • New model of Junior Doctors’ employment in NHS Hospitals – for those without or with incomplete Specialty Training!

Ideal solution for the first job in UK, no obligation to remain but opportunity to extend the contract, or to secure substantive training position

Verumed Offers

  • Long term contracts with NHS Trusts
  • Contact with the employer from the outset
  • CV review and tailoring
  • Fully paid clinical attachment/induction into the NHS
  • Career opportunities for Consultants
  • Opportunity for Specialty Training posts
  • Southern and South East England, close proximity to main airports and London

Tailor-made solutions, tailor made employment – suitable for your circumstances and career aspirations.