Verumed People

Expertise of a senior NHS director, currently practicing NHS GP and a Certified Recruitment Specialist working with European Doctors since 2007

Professor Mike Bewick


As a medical leader and GP in the UK, Professor Bewick was the most senior doctor leading in General Practice in England. As the National Deputy Medical Director for NHS England, working closely with Sir Bruce Keogh, he had a broad range of responsibilities. He worked at a senior level both for the NHS regionally and locally in Cumbria. Additionally he was Chair of Examinations at the Royal College of GP’s. His clinical background was a GP in Cumbria for over 20 years where he became the Medical Director for the county at the Primary Care Trust. He also trained in medical oncology.

He has led nationally on Primary Care, Specialised Commissioning, five of the Keogh Hospital Reviews (Department of Health Inquiries) and the Leeds and Bristol Children's Cardiac Investigation. In his role as Senior Responsible Officer for the role out of Revalidation nationally introduced the first ever programme ensuring doctors kept up to date and were fit for their complex roles across all areas of medicine. He was a significant contributor and author of the 10-point plan for workforce in Primary Care 2015 for the National Health Service.

Having helped set up the rules, I will now make sure they work for you in your desire to join the NHS and in your way to employment in England”

Dr Graham Andrew Johnson 


Qualified in medicine in 1990 from University College London. After service as a Medical Officer in the Royal Navy and hospital training, he became a GP in 1999. He is now Senior Partner in a busy GP Training Practice in SW England. Dr Johnson also holds directorships within other healthcare companies, alongside Verumed. He has forged working relationships with key individuals responsible for the process of EEA GP registration with NHS England. Responsible for vetting the CVs and applications of the candidates, and representing NHS employers in European venues.

I am both an employer and clinician within the NHS, and have current working knowledge of the Primary Care system at grassroots level. I can give you a balanced view of the process and beyond, and with my two expert colleagues guide you towards successful inclusion on the all-important National Medical Performers’ List.’

Emilia L. Mituziene 


Project and Executive Director of Verumed responsible for day-to-day operations within UK and Europe. Medical Recruitment and European recruitment experience since 2007. Certified recruitment professional with detailed knowledge of NHS Employment Standards, compliance, EU Directives and legislation.

Anyone who keeps in touch with recruitment agencies would notice that recruiters come and go… I have stayed since 2007, working solely with GPs who are European graduates. Many of them made me extremely proud to be able to know them, to assist them on their way to and within the NHS and represent them to employers. It is a life-changing choice that foreign Doctors make, and I always felt grateful for their trust in me. The dedication and potential of European and International Medical Specialists was the background for Verumed to be established.

Verumed guarantees safe, transparent, well informed and intelligent work choices for EU family doctors, junior doctors and hospital specialists.

Why Verumed?

  • Not a recruitment agency – no exclusivity or obligation to us
  • Consultancy approach – facilitating employment
  • Aim to match individual to the right job, tailor-made individual solutions
  • Direct contact with and involvement of the employer in the process
  • Essential co-operation with National Health Service England (NHSE) and Health Education England (HEE)
  • Key personnel have direct experience of every part of the chain – from sourcing in EEA to successful employment in UK
  • Leading through all the registration processes and providing all information required