I have known Emilia since 2008

I have known Emilia since 2008. As a then new Practice Manager, I came to rely on her recruitment skills to provide my surgery with locum GPs to provide healthcare services to a deprived and complex population in the oldest part of the former Harlow New Town. Several of the GPs sourced by Emilia were relatively new to the UK, but demonstrated an excellent range of clinical and communication skills and an ability to deal sympathetically with the needs of the population. I found their clinical skills and judgement to be first-class, and their willingness to listen and understand was much appreciated by patients. Working with Emilia over a number of years, I have had the pleasure of meeting some first class EU GPs who were (at that time) relatively new to the UK, and although accredited to appropriate performers’ lists, had relatively little experience of working in UK General Practice. Despite this, I found them enthusiastic, professional, willing to learn, keen to engage with patients and staff, and anxious to work as part of the clinical team. Most have gone on to work succesfully long-term in UK surgeries and become valued members of their clinical teams.